Automatic ICommand activation in WPF

Today I will present you my solution for automatic command activation in WPF MvvM application. Standard command implementation that can be binded in XAML looks similar to this then you have to create the instance of the command and assign it. I usually use the DelegateCommand which is a ICommand implementation with Actions inside. Now since the first part is necessary, because …

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Strange phenomenon after moving to Visual Studio 2012

Recently we moved our main WPF project to .net framework 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012. Then when I tried to preview some of basic views in Visual Studio designer I faced some strange problems. We have several user controls that we use in our views. The error we get was After deeper investigation we found another exception This was mysterious, because when running the application,…

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Configuring simple TraceSource for logging purposes

In the previous post we saw how to use the built in Trace class for logging facilities. However the Trace class is not the latest Microsoft’s recommended way for logging your application. In this post I will try to present the quickest way of configuring TraceSource and use it for logging purposes. TraceSource class allows you to create as many trace sources as you want and fre…

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The perils of tfs source control

I’ve used a few version control systems: visual source safe, subversion, git, mercurial and tfs. My current favourite – git. It it’s the most popular one at the moment, but to be honest there’s a good reason for that. It has a gigantic learning curve, but once you grok the concept, everything falls into place. My second  choice – subversion. I’ve used it for a long time an…

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Simple logging with use of System.Diagnostic.Trace

Recently we have decided to replace the logging framework we used, because of its not necessary complexity and a bunch of features we did not use and even did not know anything about. The goal was to use the built in System.Diagnostic.Trace facility and cover some of basic requirements we had. Basically, all we need the logging thing should do is to properly log error with all …

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Could not find required file 'setup.bin'

Full error (almost): C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\Microsoft.Common.targets (4486): Could not find required file 'setup.bin' – in practice – adventures with migration to .net 4.5 We had a problem recently – after migrating a wpf project to .net 4.5 it stopped building on the build server. The .net framework 4.5 was already there, windows sdk as well but that w…

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Nuget command line – uninstall package from all projects

I’m not a fan of the nuget GUI – I prefer the command line but there’s been a ‘feature’ that was more comfortable to do in the gui – uninstall a package from all projects.

Well no more. If you want to do that with the command line here’s the trick:

The –RemoveDependencies is optional, but may help


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CSS Preprocessors – Sass, Less, Stylus

CSS has been around for a while and will stay for a while longer and although I think it’s a good and working ‘language’ it has a few pitfalls – the biggest one being the lack of ability to reuse certain parts. Take colors for example, when you want to style a site you need to repeat the color declaration everywhere you want to set it, so when you change your mind, the only way…

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