Create unit test option is back

Few months ago I wrote here about the workaround for bringing back “Create unit test” option in Visual Studio 2012. Finally guys from Microsoft added this option to the Visual studio 2012 and 2013. More about new “Create unit test” option and natively supported test frameworks you can find on this video. To have that feature in Visual Studio you need to add the Unit test genera…

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REMs – the new hotness in css. They’ve been around for a while, but not very popular.  With the rising tide on responsive design, and mobile web usage, it looks like there may be more attention around this concept. Throw in a css pre-processor and using them becomes much easier. If you want to read up on the subject, here are 2 links that give you a short but thorough info…

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CSS grids, frameworks and boilerplates

I thought it’s about time to pick a ‘favorite’ css grid (not framework nor boilerplate). I’ve used the grid from foundation (version 3) a couple of times and I liked it, but I figured that it should be worth the while to look what else is there – turns out, quite a lot. Now first things first – I wasn’t looking for a framework nor a boilerplate. Frameworks are nice, but an over…

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Bringing “Create Unit Tests…” option back

Since I stared using Visual Studio 2012 I noticed a lack of quite helpful and commonly used (I guess) feature which is Create Unit Test context menu option. It turned out that this is still there… …but hidden from the user. Going through the jungle of VS customization options you can find it and make it visible in context menu. But there is an easier and more elegant way descri…

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MV* javascript libraries

You probably heard about knockout.js. Well, there are others like it.   Here are a few that I plan to look at in the nearest future: Angular – developed and maintained by google. Read some good reviews about it. Durandal – not sure how I stumbled upon that, but they do have a bold punch line – “Single page apps done right” – and just for that, it’s worth looking at Backbon…

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jQuery alternative – zepto.js

If for some reason you think that jQuery is ‘too much’ to use in your web app, then here’s an interesting alternative – zepto.js

Taken from their website:

I guess it’s worth giving a shot, especially if you need to create something with a small footprint.


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Another handy javascript lib for your toolbox, but this time, for a slightly different purpose than usual – unit testing For me, javascript development has always been tied with a sense of uncertainty. I mean, you write the code, check that it works but that’s usually with strong assumptions. What if the DOM element is not there, what if a dependent script is missing. Well, wit…

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Web sockets

Web socket is a technology developed to establish a bi-directional communication between client and server, over the web. It works on top of TCP and hopefully will render hacks like long polling obsolete. It’s supported by all modern browsers with 2 exceptions – opera mini and the default android browser (chart can be found here). Here’s a basic example how to use it along with…

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Another nice javascript lib that’s handy to have in your utility belt. From the library website - sammy is “a small web framework with class”. I’m sure there’s much more to it than what I will describe here, but there’s one aspect I’d like to focus on: view switching. When building a SPA or another type of ‘front-end heavy’ app, there’s a matter of representing and switching be…

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There’s been a lot of fuss about coffee script in the last few months. It’s a language that compiles into pure javascript. Some people like it, some don’t. So what’s it all about? Javascript causes vigorous discussions. It’s a very specific language – it has it’s flaws but has it’s strengths as well, but most importantly, it allows you to do a lot of things generally considered…

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