Knockout is a MVVM framework for javascript. It has been around for a while, but I never spent too much time with it until recently, when pluralsight released a free training that included knockout. My impressions – this is definitely something I could utilize in quite a few places, but it carries a pretty big startup cost, so I’d think hard before using it in a project. First,…

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git-tf second encounter

Last time I wrote about my first impressions after trying out git-tf. Now it’s time for part two. I started using git-tf just before they released version 2 that introduced a few changes, so I was a bit confused about the ‘unexpected’ results. Let’s start with the things that didn’t change. One changeset vs all changesets By default, when you do a git tf checkin all the commits…

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Calculate SHA hex

Forms authentication has an option to use a web.config based authentication. One of the possible encryption algorithms is sha1. To calculate it, you can create a tool in c# (I even did that, but.. I lost it when my drive crashed) or you can use python. It’s as simple as There are probably many other ways to do that, but you must admit, this is a quick one Cheers…

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git-tf first encounter

As promised here I’ll share some info on using git-tf. Just started, so the impressions may change but as a starter that should be good enough. Intro git-tf is developed by microsoft guys and … what a surprise it was when I found a download link straight from a microsoft server. Usually, things like that provided on the same site the project is hosted but not this time (promisi…

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The perils of tfs source control

I’ve used a few version control systems: visual source safe, subversion, git, mercurial and tfs. My current favourite – git. It it’s the most popular one at the moment, but to be honest there’s a good reason for that. It has a gigantic learning curve, but once you grok the concept, everything falls into place. My second  choice – subversion. I’ve used it for a long time an…

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Nuget command line – uninstall package from all projects

I’m not a fan of the nuget GUI – I prefer the command line but there’s been a ‘feature’ that was more comfortable to do in the gui – uninstall a package from all projects.

Well no more. If you want to do that with the command line here’s the trick:

The –RemoveDependencies is optional, but may help


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Gradient generator for WPF

Have you ever straggled with generating and polishing gradient for wpf in xaml? I did many times. Did you use any tool for that, except Visual Studio Property tab? I didn’t. Until I stumble upon Online Gradient Maker. I thought the Visual Studio designer and editor is all you need to create rich WPF apps, until I had to create a style for radio button with circular gradient on …

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dotPeek is out

Remember .net reflector?   That was a great and free tool, but then RedGate happened and they began to charge money for it. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s still great, though, it’s not the same. Luckily jet brains recognized the ‘issue’ and after a year long (or something around that) beta period, they released the first version of dotPeek. It’s free, comfortable to use a…

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