Testing the web - a new hope

There are plenty of ways to test web apps, but most of them require a cumbersome setup and a lot of tools installed and I’m just too lazy to do that. But I just found something that may work in my favour. The fact that I will need something more than unit tests for web apps is obvious – I just didn’t have the time/urge/heart to set up ‘the whole machine’. I’ve had some experien…

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ASP.NET Identity – the new way of handling authentication and authorization in asp.net

First there was ASP.NET Membership (well, maybe not first, but it was released a long time ago), then there was the ASP.NET Simple Membership, then ASP.NET Universal Providers now there’s the “latest and greatest” ™ ASP.NET Identity. Let’s dig in. For a while now my project build reported that FormsAuthentication is deprecated so I knew I’ll need to look into the latest thing a…

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Want to learn Blend for Visual Studio?

This is definitely the best resource to start with then. Jerry Nixon together with Unni Ravindranathan created a Blend for Visual Studio tutorial. It is over six hours long video tutorial and is available for free here or in Microsoft Virtual Academy as a Jump start.…

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20 GB extra in SkyDrive for Windows Phone users

The Christmas just around the corner and the Microsoft bestows his users with gifts… Yeap, for those who have a Windows Phone and a SkyDrive account Microsoft has a nice Christmas gift. You will get extra 20 GB of SkyDrive space for free for one year. So if you are a regular SkyDrive user, you probably have now your 7GB of free (free of charge) space (which is, btw. still more …

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angular with foreign (jQuery) promises

When using angular turns out that it’s not as straightforward when it comes to foreign libraries. I needed to use jQuery $.post instead of angulars $http.post method (to reduce the friction between angular and asp.net mvc regarding request token validation) and I came across unexpected (though understandable once you get to the core problem) behavior. Here’s the angular version…

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REMs – the new hotness in css. They’ve been around for a while, but not very popular.  With the rising tide on responsive design, and mobile web usage, it looks like there may be more attention around this concept. Throw in a css pre-processor and using them becomes much easier. If you want to read up on the subject, here are 2 links that give you a short but thorough info…

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knockout cart

I recently had an opportunity to put some new knockout knowledge into use.  Tekpub has a very nice training video on the subject, which was a great starting point, so let me show you the result. First some quick requirements: Every product has a button that adds a fixed number of items (in my case 1) to the cart There is a separate cart page The cart has a possibility to c…

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CSS grids, frameworks and boilerplates

I thought it’s about time to pick a ‘favorite’ css grid (not framework nor boilerplate). I’ve used the grid from foundation (version 3) a couple of times and I liked it, but I figured that it should be worth the while to look what else is there – turns out, quite a lot. Now first things first – I wasn’t looking for a framework nor a boilerplate. Frameworks are nice, but an over…

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MV* javascript libraries

You probably heard about knockout.js. Well, there are others like it.   Here are a few that I plan to look at in the nearest future: Angular – developed and maintained by google. Read some good reviews about it. Durandal – not sure how I stumbled upon that, but they do have a bold punch line – “Single page apps done right” – and just for that, it’s worth looking at Backbon…

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jQuery alternative – zepto.js

If for some reason you think that jQuery is ‘too much’ to use in your web app, then here’s an interesting alternative – zepto.js

Taken from their website:

I guess it’s worth giving a shot, especially if you need to create something with a small footprint.


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